The Ragged Cot – (Review by EM)

Ellen Manning - @eatwithellen

Ellen Manning – @eatwithellen

Fortunately for us all, I have some great friends that occasionally blog about their breakfast exploits for the site. In this instance, it’s the wonderful @EatWithEllen :
Let’s start this by saying I’m not a breakfast connoisseur like the writer of this fabulous blog. I’m the one who always chooses something like Eggs Benedict. I do, however, like food a lot and usually have a trusty expert on Full English’s to hand, in the form of my long-suffering husband. On a recent stay in the Cotswolds I (predictably) went for smoked salmon and scrambled eggs (which were, by the way, rather good). But Jamie opted for a fry-up – perfect review material for this blog.
Full English at the Ragged Cot

Full English at the Ragged Cot

As you can see, it was a rather ‘refined’ breakfast. No mountain of meat or lake of grease, yet still had all the necessary elements in my view. Bacon, sausage, black pudding, egg, fried bread, tomato, and beans. It might not look like much, but one of the positives Jamie reported was being able to enjoy a breakfast without it becoming an endurance test. The bacon was thick and salty, with the fat left on. The decent chunk of black pudding was tasty and didn’t have too many lumps of fat that can sometimes be a bit off-putting (to me, anyway). The egg was well poached and nicely seasoned, and the fried bread oozed fat in all the ways decent fried bread should. The beans were kept separate, which I know will please Simon. But it was the sausage that was the winner. Meaty, again well seasoned, and nice and moist.
There was toast on offer if that hadn’t been enough, served up with a local butter that was rather delicious, but Jamie declared he was more than happy with what he’d been given. Just the right amount and apparently a good sign of quality over quantity. His only complaint was that the tea he ordered to go with it was one of the worst he’s ever had.

Address: The Ragged Cot, Cirencester Rd, Minchinhampton, Stroud GL6 8PE
Cost: £n/a
Phone: 01453 884643

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