The Plough Harborne Full English Breakfast

The Plough Harborne Full English Breakfast – Harborne

Its quite a way and I was surprised that you have to book to get a table, but fair play to them, at 10:10 in the morning, I was shocked at how busy it was.

You order breakfast at the bar, with your coffees and teas. The tea comes in a pot with a tea cosy on it. I thought that was a nice touch.

Tea Cosy at the Plough Harborne
Tea Cosy at the Plough Harborne

The breakfast itself was good. Decent bread for the toast, (I think that this makes such a difference), a fried egg, a couple of pieces of bacon, (the fat was still white, which could put people off, thought I was OK with it), a single sausage, (perfectly succulent), a flat mushroom, a roasted half tomato, black pudding and beans that had been ‘tarted up’ with what we believe was ‘Campbells’ Concentrated Tomato Soup? They were a bit sweet. There was also a hash brown, which is always a nice accompaniment to a breakfast. Finally, there was spinach leaves? Goodness knows why, but there was. They do have a great menu, offering some absolute delights.

The only downside to the Plough is that it was one of the more expensive breakfasts I have tried, at £9.75, Coffee was extra.

The setting was lovely, its just on the High Street of the oh, so trendy Harborne. Kindly, as I had cycled there, I was allowed to put my bike in the garden.

Would I recommend this place. Of course I would, its great.

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