The High Field – Birmingham’s Best Breakfast 2015

Firstly, its a lovely building – you walk up the stairs to be greeted by the pig statue telling you when its sausage O’Clock, then you enter a beautiful building, with a bar and the restaurant behind it.

The kitchen is open, immaculately clean, the tables spotless.

Their Full English is outstanding. Perfectly poached eggs, (my choice), Juicy sausage, perfectly cooked, quality bacon, black pudding, decent toast, (not supermarket sliced stuff), mushrooms, tomatoes and beans, (I ask for them to be separate – again, a personal choice).

In my humble opinion, in 2015, this is the best Full English that Birmingham currently has to offer.



Address: 22 Highfield Road Edgbaston Birmingham B15 3DP,UK
Cost: £9.50
Phone: 0121 227 7068

Overall Score:

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