The High Field – 2016

Firstly, I was asked to go here. I didn’t pay. I am sure that you will determine if I do honest reviews or not?

The High Field 2016 - Menu

The High Field 2016 – Menu

The night before, I was asked to ‘try out’ the new High Field Townhouse. I did. It was excellent. (

The High Field 2016 - Full English

The High Field 2016 – Full English

After a very comfortable nights sleep, we trundled next door to breakfast.


I went for the Full English, (of course):




Whereas my wife went for the Veggie Full English, (see below):

Previously, their breakfasts were excellent, (best breakfast in Birmingham 2015), this time though, it was ‘nice, but not excellent. My sour dough bread was soggy from the water off the poached eggs – this wasn’t a good start. The black pudding was very dry and the bacon was smaller than the mushrooms! The sausage was very good, the eggs were well cooked, the tomatoes were lovely, but I can’t tell you how disappointed I was at the bacon :0(

My wife’s Veggie Breakfast didn’t overwhelm. It was described as ‘nice’.

The High Field 2016 - Veggie Breakfast with Spinach

The High Field 2016 – Veggie Breakfast with Spinach



Being fair, I did report back to the High Field and let them know. I think, (from experience of eating there on several occasions), that this must have been a bad day in the kitchen, as I have always rated it, but I have always vowed to review honestly, therefore here it is. I was a little concerned that there was mention that their bacon supplier was Aubrey Allen however, on the menu, it was another supplier, (Jimmy Butler)? Perhaps a bit of confusion – either way, you can’t blame the chef for the ingredients he has to work with.

Address: 22 Highfield Rd, Birmingham, B15 3DP, United Kingdom
Cost: £9.75
Phone: 0121 227 7068

Overall Score:

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