Tapas Revolution - Full Ingles Breakfast

Tapas Revolution Full Ingles – Grand Central Birmingham

I dont normally go for chain restaurants, but it was there and I was hungry. Firstly, the serving staff were really good. We ended up being served by the manager – who was brilliant. He explained everything clearly, (and allowed us to sample different hams, (jamon serano and jamon Iberico). It was really interesting and very tasty learning about the different parts of the pigs leg.

Breakfast was very good. Very good indeed. It was a Spanish variant on a full English – the Full Ingles!

Tapas Revolution Breakfast
Tapas Revolution Breakfast

2 fried eggs, (spiced), chorizo sausage, bacon, baked beans, tomato, sourdough toast, mushrooms and morcilla black pudding. All cooked well. All really tasty.

Tapas Revolution Menu
Tapas Revolution Menu

I dont generally recommend chain restaurants, however, this place served us all a great breakfast, so it gets the BBC Reccomendation.

BBC Rating

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