Simpsons Michelin Breakfast 2

Another brilliant breakfast this morning, made even better with the fact just a month ago, I had another breakfast at Simpsons, another 3 course, (yes, 3) – but todays was totally different.

It started with some great ingredients: Bacon, Sourdough, Duck Eggs and so much more:

Bacon at Simpsons

Bacon at Simpsons

We started with an exquisite ‘hash’ made with slow cooked venison bresaola, cooked in duck fat and topped with logan berries. It was wonderful. As one diner said “It was the stand-out dish”.



What’s that, you want a close up on the Hash? You got it:

Simpsons Breakfast starter

An amazing Duck Fat fried Venison Bresaola hash – Truly brilliant.

The ‘Main course’ was called Bacon and Eggs. French toast and a maple and mascarpone whip on the side?

Michelin Star Breakfast at Simpsons - Bacon and Duck Egg

Michelin Star Breakfast at Simpsons – Bacon and Duck Egg

As if that wasn’t enough, we finished the breakfast off with ‘Cornflakes’ !

Milk panna cotta, infused with cornflakes – the perfect ending to an amazing meal :0)

Panna Cotta (infused with cornflakes) - Superb!

Panna Cotta (infused with cornflakes) – Superb!

Address: 20 Highfield Road, Edgebaston, Birmingham, B15 3DU, United Kingdom
Cost: £25.00
Phone: 0121 454 3434

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  1. 30th November 2015 at 12:24 am Reply

    Wow…I loved the first one and am now sad I didn’t manage to nab tickets to both! Sounds like another fantastic experience and I definitely think breakfast pudding is the way forward.

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