Pom’s Kitchen and Deli

Breakfast today was outside, in the sun. That’s always a good start.

Pom’s breakfast consisted of 2 sausages and 2 bacon, (dry cured) and black pudding all from local butchers Russell’s in Shenstone. Its all excellent quality. There was a half tomato, a perfectly cooked poached egg, a portabello mushroom and a ‘bucket’ (seriously), of baked beans and a crispy hash brown. There was also toast.

Good points: It turned up pretty quickly. It looked great. Service is good.

Bad Points: The bread for the toast was crappy supermarket sliced stuff. Its a deli, it should be thick cut, chunky bread, but it wasn’t. The tomato was only partially cooked – shame. There is also the problems with the menu:

Poms Kitchen and Deli Breakfast Menu

Pom’s Kitchen and Deli Breakfast Menu


As an unusual addition, there was a small pot of jam – which would have been a perfect way to finish a good breakfast, however, with a single slice of medium sliced white toast, there was nothing to put it on.


It must be taken into consideration that this is a very new Deli and as such are still learning and fine tuning. With a bit of help, this could be an ex

Address: 20-22 Bird Street Lichfield Staffordshire WS13 7RP
Cost: £8.95
Phone: 01543 250 085

Overall Score:

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