Hotel du Vin Full English Breakfast

Hotel du Vin Full English Breakfast – Church Street

For some reason, I never considered breakfast here?

I tried Hotel du Vin in Birmingham today. For some reason, its not anywhere I had thought of before?

I declined the wonderful array of pastries and cereals to dive straight in with the Full English.

It arrived less than 10 minutes after ordering. The coffee was wonderful, something nice whilst I waited for the breakfast.

It was very good. The toast was good quality bread, served in a basket, the poached eggs were perfect, the bacon was very good. The black pudding wasn’t great, (a bit crumbly), there was a lovely flat mushroom, half a tomato, (beautifully deep red) and a tiny sausage. All was good, but it could have been better with either a better quality black pudding and it certainly needed either a large sausage or a couple of the tiny ones they served me.

Be warned though. Its not cheap. Its £16.95 each, which I think is the most expensive I have had in Birmingham.

BBC Recommended!

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