Greedy Pig Wolverhampton

This was going to be a trek into the unknown. I was off to Wolverhampton.

Someone had recommended this place to me on Facebook, so I thinking that I could do with doing a bit of exercise, I jumped on my bike, headed to Birmingham on the canals, then carried on to Wolverhampton. I was a long way, but I knew there was a Full English at the end of it.

Greedy Pig - As reviewed by the Birmingham Breakfast Club

Greedy Pig – As reviewed by the Birmingham Breakfast Club

If someone was to ask what the place was like, I would say its a typical greasy spoon. When you go inside, its like a greasy spoon, too. Prices are cheap, (though I have had cheaper), this place is all about the calories. The portions are BIG. I had the large breakfast, however, I was told that the ‘Bumper’ breakfast had more sausages, toast and egg and also had mushrooms, hash browns and black pudding, too.

Greedy Pig Full English - Birmingham Breakfast Club

Greedy Pig Full English – as tested by the Birmingham Breakfast Club

The bacon (4 pieces), was streaky – which is a nice change. It had rind on it too – reminding me of my youth.

Greedy Pig Cafe - Streaky Bacon

Greedy Pig Cafe – Streaky Bacon

The sausages, (2) were VERY well cooked, but were obviously very cheap ones. The 2 eggs were both hard and drowned by the tomatoes and the baked beans. There was an unexpected slice of fried bread, as well as the 2 rounds of thick toast. As I said, it was a big breakfast.

The staff were lovely – I think that’s worth a mention.

The total cost including 2 coffee’s was £6.20 – which is reasonable.

Their opening hours are normally 8:00am till 2:00pm.

Greedy Pig Wolverhampton Menu

Greedy Pig Wolverhampton Menu

Address: Willenhall Road, Lower Horsley Fields, Wolverhampton, WV1 3DZ, United Kingdom
Cost: £5.20
Phone: 01902 456910

Overall Score:

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