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Full English Breakfast?

Where can I get a decent breakfast in Birmingham - below, you will find over 100 reviews of just some of the best breakfasts in Birmingham.


What is a Full English Breakfast? (sometimes referred to as a ‘Fry Up’)

I have thought a lot about this for years and have decided that there are a minimum of 4 items that are essential:

Over and above the items that I consider mandatory, there are other options that can enhance the breakfast:

It doesn’t go by the rule that the more items the better the Full English, however the general rule of thumb is the mandatory 4 items are complimented with an additional 2 items from the optional list. Most commonly, tomatoes and mushrooms are added.

The White Post - Yeovil Britain's best breakfast 2015

The White Post – Yeovil
Britain’s best breakfast 2015




Where and What's Your Perfect Full English?

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