About Us

Find out about me, the owner of the site Birmingham Breakfast Club and my quest to find Birmingham's best breakfast.
Dubella Lounge Full English Breakfast - Dubella Lounge Full English Breakfast - Superb!

Some important things you should know about me:

Firstly is that:

I LOVE breakfasts. I LOVE a Full English breakfast and I LOVE Birmingham.

It seems that I am not the only one that does. I have been fortunate enough to be joined in spreading the breakfast ‘word’, by Warwick Lea, who is another connesieur of breakfasts and by Ellen Manning who is simply a hard core foodie (but unlike me, can write). This means that more and more reviews and a fairer way of judging for Birmingham’s Best Breakfast Award.

The original idea was to try some different venues and see where I could get the best breakfast. It appears that I got a little taken away with my quest. I am lucky enough to now be joined by 2 fellow foodies that will hopefully make the site much better for you, the readers.

You will no doubt already be aware that I do this for fun. I am most definitely not a professional writer. I also do it to hopefully promote some of our fabulous eateries in the wonderful city I live in.

To date, I have eaten breakfasts at hundreds of café’s hotels and restaurants, however my specific quest is to test all the different venues that Birmingham and the surrounding areas have to offer. I generally try one new venue per week. Where possible, I try to get to them by cycle. I consider it justification for my excessive calorie intake.

The Twitter account I use for the Birmingham Breakfast Club is @BrumBrekkieClub (BirminghamBreakfastClub was too long for Twitter). I can also be found on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/BirminghamBreakfastClub

You can follow our escapades on Twitter at @Stegabyte, (Simon),  @EatWithEllen (Ellen) and @wdlea (Warwick) The idea of that is to get more people to get out enjoying some fantastic breakfasts.


In the meantime, some great foodie blogs you might want to follow:

Below are some of the best Foodie Blogs I read. Some are written by friends – but be assured, they are only here because I think that they are worth it.


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– A quality round up of Food Venues in the Birmingham area.



– I didn’t think that  I would ever read a veggie food blog – but I have and I was impressed.


–  Food, drink and Birmingham – a great blog – with recipes.



I will have no doubt find out that I have missed some great blogs out, so if you can think of some that should be here, please let me know and I will add them.