Farmhouse Bistro – Sutton Coldfield

This is a very local bistro to me in a lovely ‘craft centre’.

This is a bistro is utilised by ‘ladies that lunch’. There are a great selection of home baked cakes, and other items that you would associate with coffee and tea and the likes.

Back to the breakfast. Its very good. They use good ingredients, (including Lashford’s sausages

Farmhouse Bistro - superb breakfast

An excellent sausage, by Lashfords. Quality ingredients.

– these are preferred by most top restaurants in the Midlands). This in itself tells you what they are trying to do here: give the customer a quality breakfast. They have achieved it. The only real let downs are that there is only one egg and the beans are not separate normally, (I asked to have them separate). Presentation isn’t great, service is good, but if you want another coffee during your breakfast, you have to go back to the till to queue up and order it, while your breakfast gets cold. Very picky, but when standards are high, its the little things…

Lashfords sausage, 2 bacon, sliced mushrooms, half a tomato, black pudding, beans, toast and a single egg.

Address: Mitchell Centre for Arts & Crafts, Weeford Road, Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, B75 6UA, United Kingdom
Cost: £7.95
Phone: 0121 323 3658

Overall Score:

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