Chi Kitchen – Debenhams, Bull Ring (by WDL)


Chi Kitchen - floor 3 of Debenhams in the Bull Ring

Chi Kitchen – floor 3 of Debenhams in the Bull Ring

As Simon mentioned in the other Chi Kitchen review, along with @Fulltothebrum, we went to Chi Kitchen in order to sample their breakfast menu.  My only other encounter with Chi had been walking past en route to Debenhams from Grand Central.

The room is fairly narrow at the entrance with tables facing the open kitchen and bar which opens to a space with views across the markets, Smallbrook Street and towards New Street station. The sunshine burst through the large amount of glass making the most of the minimalist décor and furniture (and making photos harder to take!).


View from Chi

View from Chi

As we made our choices and enjoyed the sunshine  from the direction of the markets, I had a good Illy Americano and a glass of apple juice. The menu has a selection of more exotic juice combinations, teas and bubble teas!

Following the lead of the others in selecting two dishes, I opted for the Kaya Toast (intrigued by the coconut jam) and the Full English.

Kaya toast

Kaya toast


The Kaya Toast was the first to arrive and consisted of 4 hunks of pale toasted white bread with an interesting texture. It was  already spread with a light spread and similarly light coating of coconut jam. Presentation was not appealing – as commented on by all of the team and communicated back to the Manager and Chef. With very little spread, a mild coconut taste came through leaving me wanting more. The bread remains difficult to describe other than interesting – it wasn’t a typical white bread but I failed to determine what was different!




Chi Full Englsh

The Full English arrived last. To expand on the brief menu, it consisted of nicely scrambled eggs (no choice of fried or poached), two pieces of plain white toast, Vietnamese sausage and oyster mushrooms. Baked beans roamed free in the middle of the plate. It was all dressed with a strong hint of fresh ground black pepper. Without the mushrooms and Vietnamese sausage the dish would have been ‘ok’ or ‘nice’ – the addition of these two ingredients gave it different texture, a zing of spice and unanticipated flavours. Portion wise it was suited to a pre-shopping saunter around the Bull Ring.





Kaya Toast v2

Kaya Toast v2

After giving our feedback to the very helpful and attentive Manager and Chef, they insisted on making Simon’s omlette again. They also produced another plate of Kaya Toast. This was browned more than the previous and had spread and jam much thicker than before, but with the same presentation. The extra jam was great, just what I wanted, but the spread was not good.

Simon has described the second omlette – I tried it with the sauces and enjoyed the mixture.

Throughout the meal the service was excellent and I really like the bright and airy feel of the room.

As mentioned, we were invited to sample the breakfasts and so did not pay for the meal or drinks. Aside from the special offer, I will probably visit again as the lunch dishes that stared coming out looked interesting and well presented, the prices are reasonable for the dishes presented and I like the place and people!





Address: Chi Kitchen, Debenhams, Level 3, Upper Mall West, Bullring, Birmingham B5 4BL, United Kingdom
Cost: £Averages at £5.00
Phone: 0121 796 5888

Overall Score:

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