CGs Cafe Full English Breakfast

CG’s Cafe Full English Breakfast – Digbeth

CGs Cafe Digbeth
CGs Cafe Digbeth

I was looking for a new venue to try and I got a Tweet from @cgscafebrum asking me to visit their establishment. The following week, I popped along, (again, riding my bike).

CGs Cafe Menu
CGs Cafe Menu

Its quite a small place, with an open kitchen. It was pleasingly clean. Sharron, the owner is a character. She is funny, insisting that the volume on the radio was turned upto 11 any time that Jimmy Hendrix was on!

CGs Cafe - Sharron
CGs Cafe – Sharron

My friend and I both had a Full English. 2 bacon, (pre-cooked and then reheated in the frying pan), 2 sausages again pre-cooked and this time deep fat fried, I opted for black pudding, but my friend had hash brown instead. There was also mushrooms, beans, tomatoes and a couple of rounds of toast. The eggs were the let down of the breakast – both of mine were hard.

CGs Cafe Full English Breakfast
CGs Cafe Full English Breakfast

Sharron was like a deep fat frying ninja – served breakfasts promptly and had a laugh with all the customers – many of which she knew by name. You should go just for the entertainment!

CGs Cafe - Full English
CGs Cafe – Full English

The quality of the ingredients wasnt great, but it was a £5.50 breakfast which included a tea or coffee. You are not going to get the best quality sausages, however, if you are after a greasy spoon with a bit of banter, then this place is for you.

Brasshouse Full English Breakfast - Sausage
Brasshouse Full English Breakfast – Sausage

The big question is this: Would I recommend this place? Of course I would – even if its just to see Sharron!

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