OK Breakfast

Mushu Full English Breakfast - Tamworth

Mushu Full English Breakfast – Tamworth

This place used to be called Katies and I was a big fan. The breakfast there was superb, (https://wp.me/p9BOzx-1xW), gaining 8/10 fried eggs. This is the same cafe, the same layout, but a bit older and more tired looking. The ‘problem’ with Katies was that everything was freshly cooked, including […]

Notcutts Full English Breakfast

Notcutts Garden Centre Full English – Solihull

I have never been a fan of garden centres, they seem to sell any old crap in a massive warehouse. They all seem to have overpriced cafe’s now, too. Today, I went to Solihull, to see what the breakfast was like. I wasn’t overly impressed…. Notcutts Menu Firstly, there are […]