Budget Breakfast

Katies Full English Breakfast Oct 2016

Katies Full English Breakfast – Tamworth

OK, so its not exactly Birmingham, but I was told how good the breakfast was and had to try it out – to see for myself. My first opportunity was at 1:40pm, Saturday July 2016, (they only opened in June) – they were still serving breakfasts – which is GREAT […]

Mare Pool Full English Brunch

The Mare Pool All Day Brunch – Mere Green

Firstly, I wanted a Full English Breakfast, but it was after 12.00. I was handed a menu. At no point, did anyone say that the all day brunch is similar? It is similar, except instead of a hash brown, you get chips. You don’t get any toast either. Or black […]

The Briar Rose - Full English

Briar Rose Full English Breakfast – Birmingham

I didn’t know its a Wetherspoon’s pub until I got in there. Like all Wetherspoons, once you walk through the door, its obvious that you are in ‘that’ type of environment. There were quite a few tables of men, sitting alone, nursing pints of beer and cider, (some with chasers). […]

Full English Breakfast at Yumm Cafe, Digbeth

Yumm Cafe Full English Breakfast – Digbeth

This is quite a cool place within the Custard Factory complex in super cool Digbeth. Breakfast here are generally good, however, I have had a bad one, I am glad it was just a one off. They are not going to win awards for their farm fresh sausages and bacon, […]