Cafe 600 Light Full English Breakfast

Cafe 600 A Small Full English Breakast – Erdington

I was in a real hurry to meet someone and saw this place and thought I would give it a go.

Cafe 600 - Erdington
Cafe 600 – Erdington

I didnt have time for a proper full English, so opted for a small one. This consisted of a perfectly fried egg, single sausage, single bacon a ramekin of both beans and tinned tomatoes and for some reason, I chose bread and butter, rather than toast and butter. It was a very small breakfast, but it only cost £3.00! Great value.

Cafe 600 Light Full English Breakfast
Cafe 600 Light Full English Breakfast

The venue is a West Indian cafe and as such offers some lovely food, including patties.

Cafe 600 Menu
Cafe 600 Menu

That day, I was driving to help on a huge bike ride and ended up taking all the beef patties that they had, (I bought about 20 – they were so good). They were also home made by Shirley, the proprietor. She runs the place, with Winston her husband who dutifully does exactly what hes told!


This is a temporary review, I will go back again and try a Full English, a proper sized one. If its anything like this one, it will be lovely!

  • and dont forget to try the homemade patties!

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