The Briar Rose - Full English

Briar Rose Full English Breakfast – Birmingham

I didn’t know its a Wetherspoon’s pub until I got in there. Like all Wetherspoons, once you walk through the door, its obvious that you are in ‘that’ type of environment. There were quite a few tables of men, sitting alone, nursing pints of beer and cider, (some with chasers). It was 10:15am.

The Briar Rose Wetherspoons
The Briar Rose Wetherspoons

The Briar Rose in Birmingham

I went for the large Full English. Its £4.70 and comes with: 2 fried eggs, 2 sausages, 2 bacon, 2 toast, beans, a mushroom, half a tomato and 3 hash browns.

The Briar Rose - Menu
The Briar Rose – Menu

The Briar Rose – Menu

Its hearty food. Its the sort of stuff that attracts people with big appetites. The quality however, is as I would have expected. The sausages squidged when I tried to put the fork in it. Apart from that, the hash browns were crunchy on the outside, it wasn’t standard sliced, supermarket bread, everything else was OK.

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